Tuesday, 18 April 2000

V-`- E-ʹ-i-VY- {-s-- b-. +-{{---- {--- -S--- ---i-V---- --n-x-M-- -I-h-E- -E---v- -E-E-- -i---h-i- E-h-i-- v-ʨ-E- ʴ-v- x- E--i- +-i-i- -v-{-h-x- +-i--E-- E--h-i- +--.
-q- -{--x- E-O--E-b-x- "-i-{-]-'S- -V-E--h-- -V-{--
ʴ--v- {-I- - --S- -q--- "-i-{-]-S- -V-E--h-' J--i- +--x-, P-]-x-S- --ʴ-S--S- -q--- i-x- -V-E--h- E-- x--,
the United States has delivered a harsh indictment of Gen Musharraf's military junta?
Can't Say
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+---i--- |-E--h- --b--- 14 --x-i-- -V-n-- J-]--
-]--n- E-O-- {-I-S- V-`- x-i- - --n- {--- -S- E-^-- --l-E- +-b-. ----- --b- -S- 14 --{--S- E--E-n-i-- 21 -J- 47 -V--S- E-l-i- +---i--- |-E--h-...
{-E-i-x-S- E-- G-E-]-{-]- -^--V-i- ---M
{-E-i-x-S- E-- G-E-]-{-]- -^--V-i- ---M- +---S- J----V-x-E- -ʽ-i- G-E-]- -]-S--S- S-E-- E--h-- x-. -ʱ-E- ---n- E--- -x- +-V- n--.
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-M-h-E- Y-x- - E--S- M--V- +--, - +-x-E-x- {-]-- +--- i-- i- Y-x- +-i--i- E--h--`- -V-- -M-h-- {-- - --S- +-b-S-h- --- +-V-- +-x-E- V-h- -M-h-E- |-ʶ-I-h-E-b- --i- x--i-.

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