Thursday, 27 April 2000

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ʶ---x-S- --`--b-i-- -V-E--h-i-x- -V- -j- +-h- =-{-x-i- n--E-- --i- -x- "-V-E-- i-b-{--' -E--- -M-- +---S- {-- Z-- +--. -V- -j-u-- S-p-E-i- J-- +-h- b-. V--|-E-- -n-b- -S- - ʴ-V-- -x-- V-i- +--.

the United States has delivered a harsh indictment of Gen Musharraf's military junta?

Can't Say

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{--- n--S- {-x--S-x-- -V- -j--b--S-
{-ʱ-- n--i- ʶ-{-<- -h-x- --i- Z--- E--S-#-- --x--k- -i-x- E--x- {-ʱ-- =-{-x--I-E- {-n-{--i- i-- {-ʱ-- =-{-x--I-E- -h-x- --i- Z--- E--S-#-- x--k- -i-x- E--x- {-ʱ-- =-{-+-v-I-E- {-n-{--i- {-n-z-i-S- -v- ʨ---,
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