Saturday, 29 April 2000

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-V-+-- -l-- -- -V-{-i--- --ʴ-t---- (-h-V- - +-l-) x--x-- +----- +-b- +-G-b---x- E-x-- (x-E-) - -l-i-- {-S- --S- E---v-E-ʮ-i- i-x- i--E-i- M-h-E-x- n->-x- M--ʴ-i- E--h-i- +-- +--.

the United States has delivered a harsh indictment of Gen Musharraf's military junta?

Can't Say

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-S- ʡ-C-M- |-E--h-S- --+-- i-- S-E--
G-E-- -S- ʡ-C-M- |-E--h-S- S-E-- E--h-S- -M-h- --n-i- i--S- --n---- -i-i-x- -i- +---x- +-J-- n---- -- {-b-x- --E--x- - |-E--h- E-p-- M-{i-S-- J-i---i- S-E-- E--h-S- P--h- E--.
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-v-E----S- M---V--i-- ---n-S- +--n-- +-G--E-!
-V- -j--b--S- ʴ-i-- E--h-S- P--h- -J--j- ʴ----- n---J- - =-{--J--j- U-M-x- -V--- -x- --H- {-j-E-- {-ʮ--n-i- E-- +--- i-- -J--j-x- ʴ-i----i-S- |-i-- +-t-{- ---n- E-O--E-b- n--- x--.







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