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Choose the word which best fills the blank from four options. 1) This brand of television is quite inferiar…… that one A) over B) to C) than D) with

Choose the word which best fills the blank from four options.
1) This brand of television is quite inferiar…… that one
A) over B) to C) than D) with

2) You cannot devise a method which …. all posibilities of error.
A) avoids B) includes C) excludes D) ignores

3) When the moring …… the murder was discovered.
A) happended B) occurred C) Came D) arrived

4) The traveller slept under the …… shade of the banyan tree.
A) Cold B) Cool C) Tar D) Colling

5) If a universal language seally existed, people like tourists and businessmen would find it easier to …….. with foreigners.
A) transact B) deal C) Commnicate D) exchange

6) Deseases are easily …. through contact with infected animals.
A) transplanted B) transfered C) transfarmed D) transmitted

7) A group of junior college boys …….. the highest peak of the Himalayas.
A) Scaled B) Won C) Avoived D) Walked
8) Sachin and his family members were …… from the hospital after treatment.
A) Evicted B) Removed C) Discharged D) Transferred

9) To end in smoke
A) To die in a house filled with smoke
B) To rist everything at once.
C) To die of cancer by smoking
D) To end without giving any result

10) To draw the line
A) To set limits B) To prepare for a battle C) To withdraw from activity D) To dicide ones occupation
Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word

11) Elaborate:
A) Detailed B) Brief C) Short D) Decorative

12) Alike
A) Distinct B) Unique C) Different D) Similar

13) Ferocious.
A) Violent B) Hungry C) Dangerous D) Mild

The following questions have the second sentence missing .choose the appropriate sentence from the given options to complete it.

14) i) Children were enjoying the dance festival.
iii) The kathak dance style was liked the most.

A) Various styles of dance were being performed on stage.
B) It was the annual school festival.
C) The artist wore colourful constumes.
D) Good music was being played.

15) i) To gorgive an injury is often considered a sign of weakness.
ii) ………………………………………
iii) The man who forgives an injury proves himself to be superiar than the one who injured him.

A) Mercy is the noblest form of sevenge.
B) In fact it is a sign of strength.
C) People get easily carried away by emotions of anger.
D) Forgiveness may turn an enemy into a friend.

16) The teacher wants the children to feel confident …. asking questions when in doubt. (Choose the proper preposition to complete the sentence)
A) About B) On C) of D) Off

17) I loved History – I was at school
A) But B) When C) Whereas D) And

18) (life, is, spice, variety, the of) form a proverb from the words gives in the bracket.
A) The life spice is of variety
B) Spice is of the variety life
C) Variety is the spice of life
D) Life is the variety of spice

19) He said “All mothers love their children” select the correct from of indirect speech from the following:
A) He advised when will all mothers love their children
B) He asked who of all mothers love their children
C) He said that all my mothers love their children
D) He said that all mothers love their children
20) Who wrote wings of fire?
A) APJ Abdul Kalam B) Tanuja Kulkarni C) Arundhati Roy D) Anne Frank

1) B, 2) C, 3) D, 4) B, 5) C, 6) D, 7) A, 8) C, 9) D, 10) A, 11) B, 12) C, 13) D, 14) A, 15) B, 16) D, 17) B, 18) C, 19) D, 20) A

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