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Helicopters are very different from airplanes. They can do three things that airplanes cannot do.

Read the following passage and answer the questions.
Helicopters are very different from airplanes. They can do three things that airplanes cannot  do. First, when aeroplanes move upword they must also move forward, but helicopters can move straight up without moving ahead. Second helicopters can fly backward, which airplanes cannot do. Third helicopters can use their rotors to have in the air which is impossible for planes.
As helicopters can perform actions that airplanes cannot, they are used for different tasks. Since helicopters can take off without moving forward, they do not need a runway for take off. The are used in congested areas where there is no room for airplanes or in isolated areas, which do not have in fire fighting missins to drop water on fires. They are used in logging operations to lift trees out of forests. Helicopters are used as air ambulances to airlift patients out of situations, which are difficult to reach, by helicopers to follow suspects on the ground or to search for cars on the ground of course, helicopters have military uses because their design and capabilites.
1) Which of the following maneuvers can be done by an airplane?
A) Airplanes can move upward and forward.
B) Airplanes can fly backwards.
C) Airplanes can move straight up without moving ahead.
D) None of the above.
2) Which word in the given extract means, ” to remain in the air at one place”?
A) Airlift B) Hover C) Rotor D) Takeoff
3) A helicopters ability to over is used…
A) In airports with long runways.
B) To chase suspects fleeing in their vehicles.
C) To airlift patients from situations which are difficult to reach.
D) None of the above.
4) The part of speech of the word ” Conventional” as used in the passage is…
A) Noun B) Conjunction C) Preposition D) Adjective
5) In the given extract, the phrase ‘Take off’ means…
A) To leave the ground and rise
B) To level away somewhers
C) To remove
D) To deduct
Read the poem carefully and answer the questions that follow.
‘The table and chair – Edward lear, loksatta marathi news, loksatta news, loksatta, marathi news, marathi
Said the table to the chair
 ‘you can hardly be aware
How I suffer from the heat,
and from childrens on my feet!
If we took a little walk!
Pary let us take the air
said the table to the chair
‘Now you know we are not able!
How foolishly you talk,
when you know we cannot walk
Said the table with a sigh,
‘It can do no harm to try;
I’ve as many legs as you,
why can’t we walk on two?
So they both went slowly down.
And walked about the town
with a cheerful, bumpy sound,
As they toddled round and round And everybody cried,
As they hastened to their side see, the Table and the chair
see, the table and the chair Have come out to take the air!
6) When the poet says “…. as they to addled round and round” he means
A) Walked for the sake of walking
B) Kept on jumping
C) Walked with short unsteady steps
D) Walked for the sake of walking
7) When the poet says …… from children on my feet he means
A) Swelling of the feet due to water
B) Swelling of the feet due to heat
C) Swelling of the feet due to dryness
D) Swelling of the feet due to cold.
8) Find the pair which is not similar in sound.
A) Cried- charm B) Walk talk C) Down town D) Heat feet
9) Which of the following means “We are not able to move.”
A) Why are we walking
B) When you know we can not walk
C) Why can not we walk on two
D) With as many legs as you
10) Who said these wards see the table and chair have come out to take the air?
A) The queens B) The king C) The people D) the neighbour

1) A, 2) B, 3) C, 4) D, 5) A, 6) C, 7) D, 8) D, 9) B, 10) C,

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